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I don't think she will be
Good...because I suspect that would be most unfortunate for Pentaxia if that were to occur.

Actually, an idea I had, was if Ch'K'rr was to invite Alyosha to the planet knowing precisely what he was, so he could serve as, not a representative of the d'v'ash't'ya, but an example of Federation tolerance, and why it is in the Dynasty's interests to embrace closer relations to the Federation... That's why I wondered how well he would cope with the brightness of the suns light
Alyosha's species isn't public knowledge, and is in fact classified so that aside from Thraz and Sei, only certain high-ranking officers are aware of it. (And of course those involved in the mess-hall incident.) I'm curious...when would this have happened? Would it have been during a time when Alyosha was still a courier for Starfleet Intelligence, or perhaps serving on the Endeavour as a junior science officer? I'm not sure I see this happening during Alyosha's captaincy (especially with Admiral Kane gone).

Being more tolerant in her attitudes than say I'sH'd (who would still be able to accept Alyosha as safe) I don't think she actually would harbor any ill will towards Alyosha for the death of her mother, nor hold him responsible for the acts of beings who simply share his biology. Afterall, it would not be the same as Kirk holding a grudge against all Klingons for the death of his son, as the incursions had already been occurring for millenia, with the d'v'ash't'ya having a well-established cultural presence in the collective Pentaxian psyche...
I admit I am a bit surprised she would be that generous to him in that regard, because I was not sure what Pentaxian honor would've demanded upon encountering a d'v'ash't'ya who was not attacking--if his life would be demanded as payment for those who had been taken. I wondered if she might not be honor-bound to kill him, especially since she had suffered such a personal loss to his species.

He'd still be ashamed of their actions, though, if he found out what had happened, and would likely say something to that effect. :-/

That's what makes me wonder if Drake was simply using Alyosha as the bait for the trap, not anticipating such a violent reaction, and genuinely thought that some kind of containment would have been possible, to get him something he could study to weaponize.
That's certainly a possibility. I wonder why, though, if he wanted to study a Devidian, he didn't attempt to abduct Alyosha himself, since he would know that Alyosha refuses to feed off of people? That would seem to be "safer," but do you think Drake steers clear of those known to be under Kane's protection? Of course, after Kane is gone, by then Alyosha is so high-ranking that it would cause HUGE problems to kidnap him. Taking a starship captain would get a lot of attention. (Getting on the ship with Thraz, who is a much more powerful telepath than Alyosha, could also be a problem. Do it in St. Petersburg, and there's hell to pay from the Azarovs and everyone else who is still there who had a hand in his upbringing.)
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