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05-07-2013, 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by hypl View Post
It's embarrassing. And they want to launch Legacy of Romulus in two weeks? Unless a miracle happens, this may end up being the worst content launch ever.

I want to be proven wrong Cryptic. Please sort out whatever network problems are plaguing your games.
^ this +1

I will not be shocked if we have alot of downtime, because does cryptic prepare "my view" no. We are 14 days away and they should of had open beta going to get more testers, testing the content to find more bugs. And Im just giving constructive feedback on what ive seen lately.

Lots of server downtime "since Neverwinter launched", disconnects with alot of people, lag constantly. One has to wonder what exactly are they doing, since me asking branflakes goes no where other then a vague responce.

Im hoping to be proven wrong, but.. will find out soon.

If i was them id be looken to purchasing eather new servers (if its the case) and transfering over all there stuff to it. Might be costly but itll be a very good thing for the game. Get open beta started now, to get more testers on there. Look at all the feedback, fix what must be fixed.
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