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Originally Posted by scruffyvulcan View Post
I'm just gonna' come out and say this...

I don't understand how any person can watch Wrath of Khan and still claim that Shatner can't act.
Probably because if you watched **** My Dad Says, you'd see that sometimes he drops the ball?

Wrath of Khan is pretty amazing. He knocks that one out of the park. But not all his roles were home runs.

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I'll do anything to make you smile however my soul is begging you to stop talking to me trek noob!! Not all the time, but some fans, you just see that ol' look on his face.
Have you seen The Captains? He really has a few moments in there where he comes to terms with Trek, Kirk and his legacy. It's really great. And oh yeah, he riffs with Avery Brooks too. That alone is worth the viewing.