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05-07-2013, 11:28 PM
Hmm, well, I would love to invite you to my fleet of course, but I'm curious...what else are you looking for in a fleet?

My fleet is 18+ only for example, and we have a teamspeak, but...what are you looking to do? STFs and other PvE related things? Or big-time PvPing? Or something else?

Do you want a massive fleet, a really small fleet, a more medium-sized fleet? Do you care about the Starbase/Embassy? Etc?

I'm not trying to sound elitist or rude, or anything, just wanting to get a better view of what you are wanting, so I can help say if my fleet might be what you are wanting.

Like, the biggest thing my fleet wouldn't be able to do is simply be on at the time you'd probably play, because a large portion of my fleet does live in America, so that wouldn't really be fun for you to never have anyone on in your time, except at night.

Though there are plenty of EU-time fleets out there.

I do look forward to your reply, and maybe I can help you find a good fleet to settle in. I can't promise anything, but I wouldn't mind helping you out.