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05-08-2013, 01:56 AM
It is a case of attacking from the weakest arc. Staying at range, manuevering and focusing on that shield facing. Attacking a D'Deridex head on, is not the wisest tactical move. Especially so, if you do not have the counters to the tractor beam, shockwave, and plasma torpedoes

Good advice in this thread, but also remember the armor plating that gives disruptor and plasma resists. Though I do agree there should be some tactical advice given, when facing certain enemies. Whether it be from the mission briefieing, as additional info. Or from the Executive Officer, or tactical boff.

Just wish there was a console on the bridge or ready room, where you can look up ships, and ground personel for tactical info. Seeing as they are revamping the ui add this feature. Get someone from Cryptic to do some voice over, for the entries.

Seems that Starfleet Intelligence and Imperial Intelligence are napping. Sending ships blindly into missions without intelligence and tactical advice.

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