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05-08-2013, 08:21 AM
Nero and his crew got the tattoos in the Countdown comic. It's a Romulan tradition to shave when grieving a loss, and draw on those marks. When they fade it's time to move on. Nero and his crew don't want to move on, so they went for the more permanent route.

As for including anything from JJ-verse in STO. Nah. Some of it is just reimagined TOS stuff, and a case can be made for it, but we can't have the original TOS stuff and the reimagined stuff side by side without raising some questions.

But especially no on the Vengeance. Cause it's butt-ugly and has bad fanscript written all over it. (Nuh-uh! My bad guy built a starfleet ship in total secrecy! And it's much bigger than all the other starfleet ships! And much more powerful! And it can go Warp 11! And when you gaze upon it, you feel a sense of awe. Because I say so, damnit! And he has spies and bombs everywhere! He's positively Magicavellian!)

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