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Originally Posted by captainbailey View Post
When was the last time any of you actually played eSTF's?????? I PUG them everyday because I just want to stock up on marks for my 5 other mains and these noobs fail the optionals all the time which means eSTFs are hard enough already. Players already cant handle the objectives as it is and to increase the difficulty even more would mean that 90% of the player base wouldn't even be able to complete Elites at all. You guys need to PUG more often..........
Optional objectives, and that's the problem. The morons and slackers know there's no way to actually fail out an ESTF, approximately 80 are guaranteed by merit of having joined the ESTF, and all else is a matter of time not effort. In fact, I'd lay cash money the only reason you see optional objectives being completed at all, let alone by the "hardcore" grinders who actually understand the economy of time, is the optional objective completion happens to align with the most expedient method of completing the given ESTF. ESTF's, first and foremost, need actual failure conditions to increase the risk and cost of participating in one.

Make the objectives that are optional in STF's, mandatory in ESTF's. You get the full reward, or you get nothing. In exchange, make the Mark X ground sets cost 100 Omega marks and the Mark XI space sets cost 250 (retain other costs) so they're accessible in a reasonable amount of time with normal STF's; and increase the ESTF rewards (increase the BNP yield 6-11 BNP's, or have them give 2880 Dilithium ore instead of 960).
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