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05-08-2013, 08:48 AM
The chain of mission is odd, it has a definitive Firefly /Borderlands theme but the missions on fed side seems assume I am a Romulan.

In the Bar my tactical officer (a Caitian btw.) suddenly assumed he is Tovan Khev and asked for his sister.

The Orion pirates seem to have no problems with Starfleet officers, wearing Starfleet uniforms walking into their little den. After the arena fight there is no option to free the prisoners (which would any starfleet officer make his/her top priority). I would also recommend to make "Law" a security officer, which is much more appropriate then a projectile weapon officer.

Then inside the Tal Shiar my science officer talks about the Elachi they have seen a few times since Virinat, which is correct for the Romulan mission chain, but not for the Starfleet missions. Also as a reward I get an uncommon singularity warp core which only romulan vessels can use, so please change the reward into an M/AM core. At least my Caitian is now happy to have his "sister" back despite not even being of the same species. I think I will have to send him off to a mental facility soon.


We were also promised we would be able to blow up the planet...

Aunt Edith again:
I don't think a Nimbus Pirate distress call is what any Starfleet officer should be using.

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