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05-08-2013, 09:08 AM
So, I've read the posts above close to a thousand times and tinkered a little bit.

I'm keeping the Graviton Pulse Generator over the Booster Modulator in an E-slot.

The weapons (Phased Tetryon) work well in solo play. And frankly, learning that Flow Capacitors boosts Tetryon was a revelation I'm still attempting to research. Regardless, having 6 points from my Sci Captain and a Flow Cap in an S-slot gives me a sense of peace with my decision to use Tetryon weapons.

BUT - this comment from milandare caught my attention:

Shield stripping benefits team mates but not you in DPS-ranked Fleet Actions, and many objects in STFs don't have shields.
Although I don;t consider myself a "greedy" person, looking at wiki ( suggests that my desire to "shoot blue" is detrimental. BUT, I want to play a "support" build and if Shield stripping helps the team, then my desire to be a "team-player" is stronger than my greed. So I'm keeping Tetryon for now. Maybe once I actually SEE the dropped stuff I may change my mind

SO - what about using a Rule 62 Combat Console?! In one sitting it has +Flow Cap, +Torp Dmg and almost 50% power xfer rate which has to be better than an EPS.

Heck, if that looks good, why not try a RFML from the same set?! Higher RoF and 180 degree arc?

Having said that, the DBB/turret set up concerns me. In my attempts to keep AUX high, my Weapon setting gets low. Needless to say I drain weapon power QUICK. That could be adjusted during gameplay or even how I manage the UI but it had me thinking:

1) What if I use BA aft - the benefit I see is that I'll be able to safely use Weapon power with the DBB/Torp and if the target gets out of that arc then I can use a slightly stronger weapon.

2) If the RFML is a viable option then the BA arc will make a 90 degree pocket broadside I would not have with Torps.

1+2 = stronger all around at the cost of 3 weak turret shots to the front. Thoughts?

Frankly, as much as I proclaim a preference for Tetryon weapons, I'm still in the mindset to change to Disruptors - Polarized Disruptors to be exact. BUT, if the BA set up is actually not a bad one ... Spiral Wave?!
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