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05-08-2013, 12:08 PM
Klingon Scout Force is a bit weird because there seems to be a sort of dynamic spawning mechanic in play.
For instance in the initial spawn of BoP's I have seen as few as 5 in a group. Then when the same group respawns all of a sudden there's 10+ Birds in it. Same with the cruiser groups, though it just seems to be the amount of negh'vars with them.

The cruiser portion of the map is the only portion that always seems to have about half the required amount of ships to complete the objective, not to mention that the spawns aren't within the indicated area on the map, shifted slightly north a bit too much.

The turrets are fine, they are an exercise in patience; especially since killing them when they are not part of the objectives doesn't seem to go towards the reward rankings. Some of them seem to like to hide in the asteroid they hang around though, which can be annoying.

As it is it could be downsized to a 5 ship task force the same as Gorn/Fed Minefield.