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LOL let me close by relating a RW story.

I own a Dodge truck and after making some venison goulash of one of the dumber bucks in the area I had a headlight replaced at the dealership because I was still under warranty.

Little did I know they were secretly thieves replacing OEM parts with cheap knockoffs. Mechanics being one of my hobbies, I caught them at it. They gave me a new headlight assembly which I found was a mislabeled Durango headlight assembly. When I went to return it they refused to give me the correct parts. I casually mentioned to a lawyer friend on one of my beats what they had done.

I now not only have racing headlights, but a waver from the city to have said headlights and that dealership? Well there's an empty lot there now.

Unfair business practices have a way of sneaking up on the perpetrators.
Let me get this straight, you hit a deer and when the dealer was nice enough to give you a new headlight (see durango warranty excerpt below) you complain of unfair business practice and claim to have driven them out of business, for the dealer doing you a solid. Then on top of you abuse your status as a civil servant to get a special waiver to have illegal lights... Forum rules and general politeness prevent me from saying what kind of move that was.

and the excerpt from the Durango warranty:

3.2 Environmental Factors Not Covered
Your warranties don?t cover damage caused by environmental factors such as airborne fallout, bird
droppings, insect damage, chemicals, tree sap, salt,
ocean spray, acid rain, and road hazards. Nor do
your warranties cover damage caused by hailstorms,
windstorms, tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning,
floods, and earthquakes.
Your warranties do not cover conditions resulting
from anything impacting the vehicle.
This includes
cracks and chips in glass, scratches and chips in
painted surfaces, or damage from collision.