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Originally Posted by mirrorchaos View Post
funny thing, from what i knew of the man during the 60's, 70's and 80's is that he never cared for star trek and im also certain he never watched trek. the thing that appealed to him was not the shows but rather the money. so if cryptic wanted the voice of kirk, the price alone would bankrupt the game to get him onboard for a day.
I think this is a misperception. I used to agree with you, but recently I saw something that changed my mind. I was watching a panel discussion that Shatner was on, and someone asked him about Denny Crane, the character he played on Boston Legal. Shatner basically blew off the question and said that that job's over.

I think he really just sees himself as an actor, and he sees Star Trek, and TJ Hooker, and Boston Legal, and all the other stuff he's done as just jobs. So he's excited about whatever he's doing right now, at any given time, and he probably has some good stories from things that happened while he was working past jobs, but he isn't all wrapped up in those old jobs on a day to day basis. The same way you or I probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about old jobs we had on any given day. We're involved in what we're doing now.