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05-08-2013, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by greendragon527 View Post
Man not only have I seen people blow it early, I've seen people use Gravity Well on the transformer after, use it on the nanites after they're already all healing the transformer, use it on the spheres after the optional is already blown. (-.-')
It's just another common problem where nanites heal transformers. In fact it's a common problem in all STF's. If you're killing the Carrier in Cure, there is always someone in there pushing it all over the place, out of range of weapons someone else set up or out of range of some cruiser setting 8K away. If people would learn how to use the push and pull weapons then they might be helpful. But they just install them and go to town.

I saw someone in a Cure Normal yesterday doing just that. Pushing the Carrier away from everyone else so they had to keep chasing to keep up with it. No biggy to me, I'm in an Escort so I stay in motion anyhow.

Someone did yell in chat, 'STOP PUSHING THE CARRIER!'

It didn't help.

I've also seen people push nanite probes right into the transformer!