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05-08-2013, 01:22 PM
Here are a few more answers for questions that've been asked so far in this thread.

Also, please keep in mind that this is all still undergoing testing and is therefore subject to change. The answers herein contain our current design intents, which are not necessarily set in stone.


Is the only way to obtain [Very Rare Romulan Bridge Officers] ? to get to high levels and hope to be lucky in the offerings given at high level Boff handouts?

This is currently the only means of getting them for Free. Players with access to an Embassy holding through their Fleet will also have the option of recruiting high-quality Romulan Bridge Officers.

Additionally, we plan to introduce Duty Officer Assignments (similar to other species recruitment) which will allow an additional means to obtain high-quality Bridge Officers. These are not yet in, but are coming soon.

Are those FED or KDF officers that are recruitable for ROM players able to use the ROM clothing options, or are they restricted to wearing FED / KDF clothing?

No. Federation and Klingon Bridge Officers will not gain additional costume options, if recruited by a Romulan captain.

We can delete [the ally liaison Officer] if we want, right?

Yes, s/he may be discharged from your crew at any time.

If I have the Liberated Reman Bridge Officer available on the starter pack, will I be able to use it on FED and KDF characters as well? Or it is restricted to Romulan characters? And? if I have an account-wide Liberated Human (from FED side), will my Romulan character be able to use it after it ally with FED?

The Liberated Reman Bridge Officer is only available for recruitment by Romulan captains.
However, once you have chosen an ally as a Romulan, you will be allowed to claim the account-wide of the Liberated Borg Engineering Bridge Officer if you previously had access to it.

So far, my Romulan toon was only able to train KDF boffs on Quonos, and Romulan boffs on NR. Is this by design, or a bug?

I?m not sure. I?ll investigate. This may be by design, due to faction restrictions associated with the officers in question.

Are we going to be able to change the uniforms on our story BOs?

Yes. The lack of this functionality was a bug, and has been corrected. The latest patch to Tribble included an update to this functionality.

So, if I'm going to play a Romulan who is allied to KDF I will have both DOffs with the Green overlay and the Romulan badge in the background AND the Klingon DOffs with the red overlay and the Klingon Badge? If yes, I could therefore transfer Klingon DOffs from my KDF character to my future Romulan and use them?

This is correct. Romulans who are allied with the Federation or Klingon Empire will have access to both their own Duty Officers, and those of their ally.


If you have additional questions about Romulan crew members, we'll do our best to answer them!
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