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Originally Posted by mirrorchaos View Post
hmm this red matter capacitor was in the prime timeline before the jjcrapverse alternative dimension, so really your scraping the barrel over some epeen crap. as for the device itself, i frankly dont care about it and then the tattoo, anyone can come up with a tattoo design...
It's from the movie. The movie you all hate. It is a key element to that film. The film you all hate. I'm not scraping the barrel of anything. Elements of Star Trek 2009 already exist in this game.

Oh yeah, and the Countdown Comic? It's to introduce the movie. It's all part of the JJ Abrams Star Trek 2009 movie saga. None of this is separate. This is all part of the JJ Abrams stuff you all hate.

It's like you're saying "I HATE Jar Jar Binks! SOOOO much! But Boss Nass was the one who exiled him for being bombad, so hey, Gungans are alright."

Please. You take a stand and say that you wouldn't play this game if JJ Abrams Star Trek stuff were put in the game? That red matter device has been in since launch. You shouldn't be playing this game if you are going to make that statement.

I get that some of you don't like the movie. But this puffery and hatred? It's all just your own epeen crap being smeared all over the forums. What a waste of your own time.