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SSO is the hearts and minds behind one of the longest running RP's in STO, the USS Valkyrie.

We have in game RP, we have Forum based RP, and we welcome all with no restrictions to come and join in.

We have a group that doesn't look down on the new guys, we don't give a list of requirements and training, no matter how long you've RP'd or if you never have we welcome all.

There is no overlord here telling you what is expected, we don't have twenty chiefs running a 10 man show, we work together for one purpose, to have a great time with others while sharing ideas and story that ignite your imagination.

No matter if your green and have no experience we have a place here for ya, cause we all know that all it takes is one idea, one dream, to make something come alive that will not be easily forgotten.

Wanna check us out, want proof I'm not blowing smoke up your warp core, come check us out at

See you out there