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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
But especially no on the Vengeance. Cause it's butt-ugly and has bad fanscript written all over it. (Nuh-uh! My bad guy built a starfleet ship in total secrecy! And it's much bigger than all the other starfleet ships! And much more powerful! And it can go Warp 11! And when you gaze upon it, you feel a sense of awe. Because I say so, damnit! And he has spies and bombs everywhere! He's positively Magicavellian!)
Well when a Starfleet Admiral tells you to build something contrary to what some in the shipyard forums may think, chances are they build so they don't get reassigned to some backwater outpost on some crappy ice planet in the middle of nowhere.

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Quoted for truth.

Add to this the tried, overdone, anicent cliche of the Enterprise being the only ship around to deal with the big bad.
Actually it looks like the Vengeance ambushes the Enterprise, since in the trailer its mentioned as approaching them.