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05-08-2013, 03:06 PM
Bug 1: Romulan Storyline references for Fed Captains.
A one of my female tactical BOFFs started to take on Tovans persona, and ask for her sister.

Bug 2: There are Pathing issues for BOFFs
The Bridge officers that beamed down got stuck.
Bug 2a: Jumping off the Wall out of Paradise City caused one of my Boffs to get stuck running at the railing, as she Transported in.
Bug 2b: Certain Users BOFFs just stood behind the gates.
Bug 2c: After building a Cover Shield, my Engineer BOFF just started running against it. He Only stopped to rebuild it in the exact same place after the Cooldown had gone. In many cases I could walk behind him and he'd return to his "normal following location"

Bug 3: Only a single captain can use Law's Console, at any one time. This will be an issue for first few weeks as everyone will be visiting the "Planet of Galactic Peace" and doing their missions.