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05-08-2013, 02:34 PM
Here's a few more quick answers.


Does this mean there should be a recruitment officer giving out recruitment assignments for tac/eng/sci/civ departments (a la recruitment officers in academies)?

Yes. These have been created and are in the process of being added to a contact at New Romulus Command.

... will there just be one uber detailed BoFF (Tovan Khev) or will there be a full team worth?

There are additional Bridge Officers that Romulan captains will get to know before recruiting them to their crew. However, once recruited, they will not feature heavily in the continuing story of your ship and crew, as Tovan Khev does. They can be dismissed at any time.

Woo hoo! This includes the FE rewards too, right?

No, the answer I gave applies only to the Romulan story bridge officers.
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