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Calling all Foundry players and reviewers! UPDATE! (7/3/13 - Voting resumes today and will last for 3 weeks. From today until Wednesday, July 24th, at 10AM PDT, voting is once again open for Foundry Challenge #7! Read more to learn about the contest and how you can vote for a winner.

Click here to read more.

UPDATE! (7/18/13) Earlier this month, voting resumed for Foundry Challenge #7, with all votes being due by next Wednesday, July 24th, at 10AM PDT. I mentioned that if you already voted that you did not need to resend your vote -- unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I will need you, as well as anyone who has sent in a vote since Foundry Challenge #7 voting resumed, to send in the vote once more via an in-game mail to me (@PWE_BranFlakes). In the message, please include the name of the one (1) mission you feel should win this challenge. Please send this in by the aforementioned date and time.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of having to resend in your vote and wish all our entrant authors the best of luck in this challenge!
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