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05-08-2013, 04:13 PM
ok, as Star Trek Films go, I am not a fan of JJtrek. It is a good film in and of itself, but there are some pretty big problems with the film in my mind.

That said, this assesment of the film is pure nonsense. half that stuff is just complaining about stupid plotlines. Like Why Prime-Spock is piloting the jellyfish instead of what I would assume was a young vulcan (here is a hint. it was his idea so he could save romulus) or my personal favorite "Sin" from the clip, No Orion lapdance. Seriously, you think THAT would have saved the movie.

As oppose to how a cadet (who was on suspension) gets to command a starship over two ensigns. Or my personal favorite. Starfleet cadet in uniform beats the snot out of a civilian, in front of his commanding officer, and still manages to get a spot on the "Flagship".