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05-08-2013, 04:17 PM
Several things:

1.) BOFFs either get stuck or just stop a lot of the times.

2.) When you finish the "Blind Man"(2nd) mission, is there some way the the NPC enemies can stop shooting at you? I had to respawn 5 times just to get to the door at the end and I only got there because I leveled up and got full heath again.

3.)Are the rewards for the missions just placeholders for the real ones or are they what will be on holodeck? If they are the real ones, they are pretty pathetic, especially if this is supposed to be "featured episode" series. You should have something from ST V like the phasers from the movie, combat uniforms, or the much wanted jet boots.

4.) If any area is asking for mounts, this one is. Have you guys thought about adding ride-able horses in just this zone to cut down travel?

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