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05-08-2013, 04:13 PM
Try one of the following two things:

1) Rename your ship and try customizing it. Once complete rename your ship to its original again.

2) update your ship list by discharging a ship (i.e. c-store ship) that you can reclaim again AFTER you have customized the ship you want. This updates the list and hence the system recognizes the ship of your choice.

Someone suggested these two tips to me a while back and it worked like a charm. However, in so saying oddly enough I always have to change my ships name AGAIN in order for any new changes to take effect. Than I simply revert the name back to what I wanted in the first place. OR you could just choose a new name altogether and stick with it of course but I am picky that way.

This happened on two of my fleet ships and never had a problem since. Hope it works for you as well. It is a bug, but a manageable one.
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