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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Loved reading this! And reading it has actually gotten me thinking about making a Gorn character, now that I know more about them.

Thanks for putting this up!
You're very welcome!

Originally Posted by squatsauce View Post
Well done! I always thought the Gorn would be an interesting race to explore in the various Trek series, but the costuming would probably be pretty expensive and TV-grade CG doesn't really seamlessly blend in with live-action yet, ya know?
Yeah, the original Gorn in "Arena" looked more-or-less like what people expected from special effects of the day, but the Gorn that showed up in ENT: "In a Mirror Darkly" was laughed of the screen by an audience used to the likes of "Jurassic Park," "Aliens" and "The Lord of the Rings." Trying to make real characters out of them in DS9 era would have been basically impossible.
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