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I played daily when I first joined, working through the single player campaign, and occasionally participating in a multi-player event. I reached the rank of Admiral, Upper Half, Level 49, and the next mission in the single player campaign requires a team of five. I tried it with one partner who was higher level then me, and we both got quantum torpedoes up our aft nacelles, if you catch my meaning.

Since then, I have been absent from the game for a little while. I plan to get back into the game, and finish the single player campaign. I really want to see where the story is going.

The mission is Whispers in the Dark, aka Terradome, and is only available to level 46 and above. I want to ask for volunteers to join me. You have to be at least level 46 to join. If you have not yet finished this mission yourself, I promise my cooperation when you attempt it, as recompense.

As I have been absent for awhile, I will spend some time playing through some of the side missions, to re-familiarize myself with the controls. I will be online at this time in two days. If you want to join in, meet me in orbit of Earth. 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, on Friday, May 10th.

Message me if you have any questions, or if a different time works better. If I get enough people wanting to help, but at a different time, I am flexible.