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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Star Trek Online has "some of the best" Star Trek story being told right now? Just "some of the best"? In my opinion Star Trek Online is the best Star Trek content out right now. I can't stand the JJ verse as Star Trek content. The only thing JJ Trek shares with Star Trek is the name. Star Trek Online on the other hand, the current story in this game is great.
Well, I am also a very big fan of the Star Trek Vanguard novels and I also happen to think the Typhon Pact books are pretty freaking awesome. I just couldn't leave them out. However, I also happen to think the new story is just about as good as it can get.

Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
I agree! One of the recent ones did say something like "all that, and no transcript" in its description, so at least that one knows where they're going wrong...
We used to have volunteers to do transcripts (or at least very lengthy synopses) of our shows for our hearing impaired listeners. (Yes, we have quite a few!) However the time and effort that typing up a show takes is incredibly burdensome. We're always willing to have people willing to help us out take on that challenge! If anyone is up for it, please contact @Soriedem in game!

Thanks for listening all - and thanks to Al for his time. It was a blast!