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@Norisman Reply to OP Legion Of Spectre Coming Soon

Hello this Noris@Norisman, I am already an active member in both the FED and KDF Spectre Fleets.

I just bought the Pre-Order LoR starter pack $19.99 special not the full version one that $124.99, that may come later on after I see how I like playing the Romuluan and or Remus Races, I will most probably do as I have already done on each faction Fed & Kdf.

As I am a Life Time Account Membership owner I Currently have 12 characters 6 FED and 6 KDF, I'll most likely will be making at lest 3 PvE spec Romulus and or Remus, one of each class Tac, Eng and Sci. Maybe even some PvP spec if need be

As for as the first names of each I have no clue just yet, usually I try to keep them in somewhat of a lite RP characterization name wise, I'll let you know after 5/21/2013 once the LoR S8 is implemented and I have created them.