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In UNSC space the battle goes badly. Harper and hi fleet have managed to hold of the enemy ships for hours and have dealt good damage but they are overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Harpers ships is badly damaged as the fleet is in tatters and the last of the PAC guns are being destroyed.

Ooc: now this may seem as a shock but this is goo to bring the mirror and prime UNSC together after this battle. And bring major changes to the mirror.

Harper: report!

Officer: the fleet is either scattered or fleeing sir. Enemy fleet is down to 65%.

Harper:still to much for our ground forces. Set course for ceti epsilon.

Officer: sir?

Harper: open a channel

Officer: channel open sir.

Harper: come and get me all you alien dogs. My mother could fight better then you. Come see what one lone UNSC ship manned those you consider unclean and an affront to your leaders can do. Come on you scum bags

Harpers ship makes a micro jump to the nearby gas giant. The enemy fleet mostly follows leaving only a few ships to finish up. With 2000 enemy ships in pursuit he enters the gas giants atmosphere makin it impossible for them to get a lock as they all follow.

Harper: commander launch all weapons at the core. Including the nova warhead

Officer: aye sir

Harper: launch. Now you see what one lone ship can do. Not because we are stronger or smarter but because we are fighting for something.

As he finishs speaking the gas giant explodes destroying all the enemy ships nearby.

At Arcadia the reinforcements arrive wiping out thelast of the enemy fleet.
*OOC: So soon? Guess I have something in mind to push in I guess to have Stane succeed in what he is going to do and possibly piss off both Sam's... If Ryan's willing to roll with something we can discuss how to proceed.*