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Indeed, sociological steps are being taken, which a return to isolationism would be backsliding from, although ultimately, V'sh'K'rr will inherit the throne eventually...
I suppose that depends on whether the penalty for her treason allows her to live...

Indeed, I don't think it is an event which has occurred, as neither S'rR's or I'sH'd know he is Devidian, (and the Endeavour's only visit to Pentaxia was for Ch'K'rr's coronation in 2387 [although Alyosha may indeed have been on board as a junior science officer]) so possibly one in Alyosha's future where he may either be more able to openly reveal his nature, but I figured it might have made for an interesting diplomatic mission for him
The question would be, would Ch'K'rr have been sworn to silence as to Alyosha's nature? And would I'sH'd have been the one guarding her during that visit? I would expect that a guard would be present at all times--and all the more so when a d'v'ash't'ya visits...even a nice d'v'ash't'ya. If it were someone other than I'sH'd, then perhaps that would explain him and Siri not knowing.

You've hit the nail on the head The safety offered by grabbing Alyosha compared to another Devidian, would be seriously outweighed by the other hassles it would cause and lead to. Equally, this is why Drake never went after Siri in the past. Devidians may hold the answer to a phasing cloak. To be fair, kidnapping an ambassador is equally fraught with hassles
Funny...even Alyosha wondered on his mission to Gameptis--that if Devidians had starships, could they have phasing cloaks?

And let's hope those hassles get the best of Drake.

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