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05-08-2013, 11:25 PM
I've rarely seen TBR or GW used properly. It's not a concern in KASE, but for:

1) ISE - Save your GW for the group of nanite spheres - if everything goes as it should, you kill the transformer without too much trouble and clean the 2 regular spheres, then as the pack of nanites start moving, you need to GW the closest sphere and put on a Sensor scan - if all is well, you're done in 10-15 seconds.

2) CSE - I have lost count of how many times I've done a facepalm seeing TBRs shoving the stuff around or out of range exactly when I'm already in range and either with the FAE - have put GW+SS and activated CSV/TT/TS/APB or in my FHEC buffed up and positioning myself (the best way for me is to take them head-on - the waves of raptors and Neghs). My point here is - IF there is a powerhouse next to you (and these things are obvious, at least for me), use GW at the Raptor and Negh at each cube after their spawn to immobilize them, and do the same about the incoming waves after the first cube is down. USE TBR ONLY AS A FINAL OPTION (i.e. the spawns are 12-ish km. off the Kang and at least 2 of the 3 incomming ships are scratch free)...or in case your TBR can bite half of the hull of three Neghs (I've seen this just once so far and it was amazing). If you shove the thing around all the time, I certainly will not chase them all over the map.

All said, TBR is irreplaceable in No win and useful in Starbase Defense ( )