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05-09-2013, 02:23 AM
1. Ker'rating at VA level gives you nice drups, if you have the gear for doing the most damage on an enemy to actually get the loot. MK XII blue and green is quite common in Ker'rat, and if it's a cunsole, you can really get lucky. The most cummon drups are MK XII blue Tetryon Pulse Generators (1 mil each).
2. Fundry battleship 1 vs 1 (do it twice for maxing out the cap).
3. STF's (sumtimes you get purrple MK XII rewards, and if they are dual heavies or beam arrays, you can get rich).
4. Space fleet actions (scoring first or second gives you purrple MK XI stuff, again if it's a cunsole, you're the lucky dug).
5. Buy out stuff off the exchange which is sold for less than the vendor value, go to the vendor, sell it. I did 2 millions in one hour like that.
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