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05-09-2013, 01:51 AM
Those of you who have heard of the U.S.S. Valkyrie will know it started over 18 months ago in another Fleet the almost exclusive brainchild of Loki who was the main GM for the full period.

Almost unhead of in gaming communities an RP that maintained not only one GM throughout it's life but carried on for more than six seasons over 18 months. Stories that came directly from one guy and a smattering of guest GM's.

However disenchanted with large fleets many of us drifted away from the 12th, the main cast and crew scattered to four universes. We thought we could let it lie, we couldn't. It was in our blood WE were the Valkyrie crew the need to tell our story was too great.

Loki turned from just a GM to someone who had a dream to just make a fleet with the sole purpose of getting together the lost Valkyrie Crew and returning to the Bridge and Ship that was pounding in our blood.

It comprises already the complete origional crew, Loki, Nimshae, Jess, Xariann, Lyle, Horatio, CCoates, Nik, Mike with new members now joining as well.

Those of you who know of us already, because you came and asked questions as we RP'ed, spoke to Nim in game and asked about her bio will know we have a dauntless commitement to this ship.

Will know that the stories we created were unique and some of the most detailed about. Not only did we create stories, we created artwork, and from there came bucket loads of fun.

Now 18 months on we have decided we STILL have stories to tell, we STILL have great ideas and the enthusiasm to run with them. Now though we have no restrictions like we had before. This is pure unadultarted RP, the rating for our fleet is 16 so we CAN ramp up the stories, we can move into darker territory where before we could not.

So we reloaded, we wanted to show that the U.S.S. Valkyrie was not hidebound to certian ideas, we didn't have to take over anothers RP and make it our own as we had nothing to offer.

We made new characters, we have written new stories, everything is brand new, just the ship has stayed the same.....the ship we built and dreamed up when all a fleet gave us to start with, to work with was the name Alpha Crew.

Want to see where it all started, want to dream the dream with us. Want to play with a group of dedicated RP'ers whose creative drive is phenomonal, yet you will find no rules, no elitism, no critique just encouragement and the space to develop your character how you see fit, how you want....

Come join the U.S.S. Valkyrie, we are heading into darkness, new territory, new beginnings.....want to boldly go with us?


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