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05-09-2013, 02:33 AM
Tutorial: Tooltips interupt the dialogue with the voice acting in many places.

Ship somewhat feels more like a B'Rel interior, but I don't agree with the Crew Quarters, there is no way Klingons would sleep like that.

The space cutscene shows a Galaxy-class parked next to us during the prisoner scene, then we get attacked after we "wake up". Does not make sense.

Don't like using the term "Feds", in Star Trek they always said "The Federation".

Arrival at Qo'nos:

Nice new look, but Qo'nos itself is reflecting the Red from the Nebula.

Gorn Commander - nice VO and liked the lesson from the DS9 FE with gorniness. But the VO doesn't sound the same after you beam down.

Drake generiously walked into the cell, would've been better if they knocked him into it or said something to the effect "get in the cell, federation dog"

AWESOME Showing the Melee Chart. Now if you could make it readily available so we could bring it up months later after we forget.

Suspicious Activity: Haha punch the Ferengi clerk.

Ch'Gren - should have Emergency Shield 1 than Engineering Team 1.

Optional - not sure how you investigate when there are no options to complete it. Only thing else there was to do in the Exchange was plant the device and clock the Ferengi. This needs looked into.

The Hunt is On: There is missing storyline connecting the attack on the Prison and the attack on the Exchange.

Talking to the Tailor - I looked at the mannequins, the TOS one has the wrong Baldric / sash. The TOS Sash is the same exact one Worf wore in the first season, except it it was over the left shoulder (which the mannequin got right).

Shipyard Orion - check dialogue he says "looks at you up and down", instead of indication it's a text emote.

Space Chase- Getting Spammed by both Mr. Nimoy's Omega Leonis Dialogue and the Tutorial Voice Over.

Boreth Orbit - not sure what that blue trail is that's been added, but it clips into the top and bottom of the zone walls.

Drake's Dialogue - if the KDF are at war, how can Starfleet get this deep into Klingon Territory? Especially a fleet being undetected?

Manhunt: Would've been nice if there was a kind of intro/scene with you're arrival. Because you just are there at the prison.

And the warden's office is next to a force field? Seems like a problem if the power went out. Usually prison offices are in layers of security.

Also, you should have doors on the railing for the guards so they don't have to climb down into the population. That's just asking for trouble.

I don't recall Drake ever introducing himself in the dialogue. Did I miss something? Or did someone not add it to the story?

Nice touch with the explosion with Drake, but it doesn't feel like Rura Penthe from Star Trek 6, its like someone threw together a couple of halls and a hole in the wall. Foundry authors made Rura Penthe more realistic than this (no offense).

Though K'mtar (aka Future Alexander) is a nice touch and obviously going to go through the plot that ends up killing (or seemingly killing) Worf in the Firstborn and All Good Things storylines. Betting Drake is the one who provided the means to send Alexander back in time.

And loved the Ending with a touch of Star Trek 5 and Star Trek 6. Though you guys didn't have to copy the Warden's dialogue that closely, seems like plagarism. Nontheless, loved blowing them up.

Though one bit of suggestion, since we are put into temporary costumes, why not give us something more "warm" if you get my drift.

Friend or Foe: Yridian and Worf's dialogues seems real good and authentic.

Bringing down the House: Always wished you put Sirella in her Klingon Dress than a Warrior's attire.

The Parked BoP is not to scale. It needs to be 3x as large. Unless this is a shuttle BoP.

Heir we go again (Forcas): Worf just mysteriously appears, bad story telling having a character appear out of the blue.

After finding the Gun, you have "Talk to Worf" - as per the old version.

Then there was some massive confusion where you beam up and warp back to Qo'nos. IMHO, you should be able to continue the next mission right there instead of running back to Qo'nos, then running back to Forcas again.