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05-09-2013, 05:26 AM
The USS Valkyrie was started 18 months ago by the players Horatio Black, Letty Sky, Nimshae Nijade, and Lock Jerahd, who all happen to be here at SSO.

Starfleet special operations division set course with one goal in mind, to bring RP back to the players, not leave it in the hands of some RP Overlord that logs on once in a blue moon to stay in power.

We bring RP to you, you bring RP to us, and together we have one goal in mind, fun!

Cause thats what RP is all about, having a fun time with people that enjoy having a fun time.

Check us out here at, if your looking to join the continuing voyages of the USS Valkyrie, or your looking to start something new, we encourage all forms of RP here.

Don't settle for a cheap carbon copy, a tepid off brand cola, join the crew that started it all, at Starfleet Special Operations Division!

Keep watching the stars players!