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05-09-2013, 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by branmakmorrn View Post
Is it worth checking? (You know my standards)

But seriously, is it worth checking? I'm not sure how much they have up for the KDF on it, and I don't wanna re-download the game to play Rom (soz).

I mean, I heard the KDF stuff was going up sometime in May, but I haven'r heard how much and when.

Depends on if you feel like waiting to see it or not.

Anyone can copy a character over to Tribble I think and check out the new Klingon stuff, except for the beginning tutorial itself. But then again, I also have a closed beta invite, so I could be mistaken.

Though honestly, having played it, it is 1-20 leveling story content exactly as promised after so long. And most of it really and truly does feel like playing a Klingon.