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one speculation that might work, is if 'Frank Drake' is more of an office than a Man, like 007.

Another might be that "Frank Drake" is really a self-aware AI that uses some forbidden tech to make a 'body' for wherever he needs one. sort of using the consciousness-transfer tech from TOS (I forget the episode) to 'upload' a new "Frank Drake" as needed, and download experiences to the main hub.
That could certainly be a possibility, and is a concept I was planning on exploring via the relationship between the Valkyrie's AI's holographic avatars, and her interactions with Ensign Mitchell I think the issue with writing for an ongoing official character like Drake, is that all Cryptic needs to do is write a storyline which contradicts what a forum writer has posted, and it totally undercuts the writing. That's why I try and stay well clear of fanfiction, or writing anything for a character which could then be contradicted by a legitimate source. In past entries, I've only 'guest starred' characters who are likely to never be returned to by hard canon