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I wish people wouldn't judge right off the bat how I would choose to use it or simply decide they know better. It's fine if you like it and I respect that. It's less fine to just look down on someone and state thier opinion as lacking.

I've seen no indication of what the ship is actually meant to be like. I'm not a mind reader - I don't get to assume correctly what a Dev is thinking when he comes up with a Boff layout. People seem to claim this is an escort - well, while I have some raider expectations from it because they said in one of thier blogs that the T'varo would suit the raider playstyle the closest i don't go with the foregone conclusion that this is going to be used mainly as an escort.

There's one type of ship in the game which are escorts, and in general they belong to the Federation, and have their own playstyle. I don't expect these to play like Federation ships. The singularity power and battle cloaks along say this much to me.

You want to talk Boff layouts, though? I'll oblige. When I look at the T'varo, here's what I picture:
Cmd Tac: Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Beam Overload 3, Attack Pattern Omega 3
LtC Universal (Tac): Tactical Team 1, Torpedo High Yield 2, Torpedo High Yield 3
Ens Tac: (no idea)
Lt Eng: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity 1
Lt Sci: Polarize Hull 1, Tractor Beam 2
Here, I'm picturing a spike damage build. Probably PvP oriented, with an armament like antiproton dual beams, dual heavy cannons, quantum torpedoes and turrets out back. Not something that's around to have a firefight so much as uncloak, claim the kill, and withdraw to rinse repeat. I have no clue what I'd want else for my Ens Tac since I already mostly covered my needs in the other two, and Torpedo High Yield 2 even feels a bit superficial so adding another High Yield 1 seems rather redundant and I don't have much use for a Beam Overload 1 - it's not like I'll make a second pass before circumstances (and cooldowns) favor me better.
I'd recommend BO 1 for that ensign in here.

And btw, while I've said that I'm fine with the Ens Tac as a balance move, I now see it's probably more useful than if you made it Sci, or Eng. Then you'd be basically forced to use the universal Lt. Comm. for Tac to make the T'Varo work. It would make you (well, many, possibly not you) use it like so many other bland escorts/raptors in game.

This layout at least pushes for some creativity. (And honestly those layouts you made don't seem that bad.)
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