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*OOC: Okay if Ryan's ready. We can conclude the Klingon arc and give undivided attention to the rest. *

*The Imperial Capitol world. Wax and the ground forces are preparing for the coming invasion forces. While Markon and Sarkon make their attempt to stall the enemy forces. *

Wax: I want every able bodied warrior armed and ready for combat... We will have to also prepare for their invasion forces.

Gor: That is an obvious one. But what do you suggest then?

Wax: Something bold... Something they won't expect

*The Klingon's of his house are grinning from ear to ear *

Gor: I am surrounded by mad men..

Wax: You would think that you would consider yourself one. *smirks*

*He begins to explain the plan...*

What we cannot have is to face them head on at any rate. Even if Markon's attack destroys a good enough chunk of the force...

Gor: That is known to all of us.

Wax: The most advisable position to land would be where there is no resistance, and they can begin to move.

The Easiest path to the capitol is here on the G'empa fields. What I suggest is force them into one path through here.
*In space, Markon's fleet is getting battered while trying to draw the Democrats into the asteroids of the planet's rings. Many of his fleet's Birds-of-Prey have split into Squadrons and are engaging in hit and run attacks against the rear of the enemy fleet, drawing them towards Markon's main force behind the rings.*

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