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05-09-2013, 10:31 AM
Rule 62 console - as it says, "The riskier the road, the greater the profit!". That's true only in games, where it is called 'balance'. I have my own motto, "a stitch in space saves face", which is ambiguous enough to use all the time. If you're using all of the console's benefits that's good. Your play style may vary, EPS might not always be important. I found I switched power settings a lot at first, but now I use mostly just one (mid/low/low/high) with a mid-shield setting as a panic button. Even then I prefer to do damage over committing to shields, and then it is too late to panic.

It's good to see you've found Phased Tetryons, mitigating some of the concern about missing important pr0cs. Polarized Tetryons must be very tempting, to find out how far a shield stripper can go. And context is everything.

Spiral Waves are supposed to be good, at least for Escorts. I believed that Science could ultimately supercede mere beams, but my beams still do 1/3 of my damage. It would be cool if you could just put your procs first. I like that you chose your beams for the colour. I would do the same if there were white beams.

Zarrafin - a "build" is a combination of skills, Boffs, Doffs, and ship gear. Sometimes it refers to just ship gear, especially in this forum branch. It usually implies you've put together the bits and pieces with a particular goal in mind, something you are 'building' towards. Often the goal is spike or overall damage. Maybe your goal is to make blue beams scary.