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# 184 What next?
05-09-2013, 09:35 AM
With all the new content being shown off on Tribble (read some of the forum notes down there if you want) and the conversion of fed missions to KDF, tier 1 and 2 KDF ships being added (D'Gavama class bird of prey looks gorgeous, I want that skin!), possible costume options and just the general adding of goodies to the KDF come May 21st what do we, The Disenchanted, feel we aught to do next?

It's entirely possible we will still be incomplete in minor ways (fingerless gloves and greatcoats) but our main goals of lvl 1 start, full lvl 1-50 content, new ships and more consideration seem to have been well thought out on Tribble.

I'm not suggesting we cease being Disenchanted right away but our little protest might have been noticed by all involved in the expansion so should we consider showing our thanks in the same way?

I fully intend for my fleet name to remain 18 Percent, but my alts' titles should surely change to reflect gratitude for months of hard work. I can only think of Honourable (one of the first you get for helping the House of Martok) or Wicked (for killing 200 Fek'Ihri). Any others (that don't require a purchase, to make it fair for all)?