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05-09-2013, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
The Devs don't care how many EC you have. EC's a dead currency to them as it buys nothing that matters to Cryptic. Every C-Store item bought with ECs means someone bought it with Zen first, and that's all Cryptic cares about.
Incorrect. I have played this game for years. They nerf EC grinds and High valued items as much or if not more then Dil grinds.

Keeping a stable market is where some items become ultra rare, hard to obtain with out massive amounts of EC is good for them. Why because they can release that same item or like (doff) in lock box drops so people will spend real $$$ to pop the boxes.

you are right that everything leads back to the zen, but don't think they don't understand the player markets and economy of the gave.

All resources they are driving to make hard to make.

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