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05-09-2013, 09:39 AM
Oh yes the rebreathers. No such items exist, which is sad. Star Trek V gives us rather good looking rebreathers visuals. Can we have them please?
A face equipment slot? Pretty please?

EVA suits works for now, and the funny thing is only you have to wear it, the boffs are fine as they are.
And later during the infiltration, all talk about the rebreathers is gone entirely.

-= ISE: 12:19 -=- CSE 12:41 -=- KASE 11:59 -=- HSe 8:06 total =-
-= KAGE 5:43 =-
[7:07] [Combat (Self)] Your Dual Disruptor Banks - Overload II deals 123086 (41096) Disruptor Damage(Critical) to Assimilated Carrier.