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05-09-2013, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
indeed. i think the best way to help them is to expand thier stats beyond what smaller ships can have, due to their size. ever since yoda said size maters not 33 years ago, people have lost their damn minds. size maters most, is whats actually correct regarding a starship in a scifi setting, not a sci fantasy setting.

its absurd that a defiant or bug ship can have as much extra power, stations, consoles, and hitpoints as ships 100 times their size, wile at the same time having the advantages of best turn rate and access to the only weapons that deal damage.

you know, i dont think it would be to further a stretch to give therm all an ENS station too. maybe not universal on the non flagships though, just the bort, ody and hap.
Perhaps the solution could come from a rather simply source?

Doffs. Since cruisers are the largest ships around, perhaps they could slop more doffs.

Perhaps cruisers could have, just as an example:

cruisers 7 slots (+2 operations/ eng)
battlecruisers/ heavy cruisers (+1 operations + 1 tactical)
sci 6 slots (+1 science)
escorts 5 slots

Just throwing it out there.