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05-09-2013, 01:09 PM
Update! With the addition of these vessels becoming available for Subadmiral I Rank Romulan Captains, the T?varo Retrofit and Dehlan Retrofit have been upgraded from Subadmiral I Rank to Vice Admiral Rank vessels. This is consistent with Retrofit starships across all factions.

You were allowing those people getting them from Legacy Packs to get them early. I liked that. It meant I could get back to using my T'varo earlier and now you'll be making me wait 10 more levels for that.

It's not a big deal and I could just grind the extra 10 levels to get the ship I want to end up with, but that was a update I could've done without. It colloquial parlance, it's not an upgrade; it's a sucky change. >_>


The Dhael still just has concept art for it too. I guess it's not done yet.


Aren't most Fleet ship pictures just horizontal flips from the Retrofit pictures. That's too bad: I would've liked seeing what the Fleet romulan skin looked like.

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