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Originally Posted by monsh View Post
Great to see the full stats, but I'm left feeling like I've been duped. I bought the starter pack, and now it seems that as a gold member I'll get the T'varo for free. Granted, I still get the Reman Boff, and a Tier1 ship costume (yes, yes, and the console) that I'll use for all of an hour...but really?!? This bit of info would have been nice to see prior to putting the pack out there. It smacks of bait-n-switch.
While you do get a VA ship token for being a Gold (LTS/ monthly sub) Member, that is a per character unlock, where as the Starter Pack grants you an account-wide unlock version of the ship -- this also would make you eligible for any Fleet Ship Modules discounts if you are looking to get the fleet version, where as the VA token (which can only be used once per character) does not gain you access to this.


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