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interesting, sep console and the ship it comes with are gone.

cryptic, the guardian section has a turn rate of 10, twice as high as the d'deridex, yet the guardian is LARGER then the d'deridex. the station setup is pretty nice, but it deserves a beter turn rate, simply because of that guardian comparison. not to mention that there is NO canon example of a d'deridex not turning well. having a slower warp drive then a galaxy class is not an example of a turn rate problem
+1 I agree that the D'Deridex should have at a minimum 9 inertia 15-20. Its more comparable to a Negh'Var.

Have not had the opportunity to fly it, but just looking at that design I pray that it does not suffer from the fateful issue the Qin Raptor had, compounded 10 fold by a 5.5 turn rate.

Just looking at the length of the hull and imagining the turn-to-target, raises my concern somewhat.

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