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He would have been five at the time of the Endeavour's visit, so not really fit for guard duty Indeed, a monarch certainly could be entrusted to retain secrecy on something, but my impression of the event was that it would have been a public revelation (as far as the Pentaxian media is concerned) as a way of showing the need to move beyond old fears and prejudices, and to embrace a philosophy more in line with the Federations. Sure, Pentaxians have a totally legitimate reason to fear the d'v'ash't'ya, but I think Ch'K'rr would have been trying to use the most hard-hitting example as a lesson in thinking outside the box to encourage her subjects to think differently
I see...I had taken it to be a private thing, to demonstrate to Ch'K'rr why continuing relations with the Federation would be a good thing (and this in spite of the rough start she got off to with Marcus Kane when she was little).

I am really unsure of Alyosha being in such a public situation. I mean, by then he would be used to the attention that a high-ranking officer receives, but I am really just unsure how he'd take such an order from Starfleet Command if ordered to reveal himself publicly in that manner.

Personally speaking, I don't think the Devidians use starships in the same way that most species do. It would appear that they travel directly by portals, more like Iconians used to. That said, they might have 'nursery ships' which transport creches (assuming that the size of the portals is limited to person-sized) but I think they might be more like the Guild transports in Dune, which 'travel without moving'...
Any of those things are quite possible. I doubt I will reveal anything, though, because the Devidians are SO unknown.

A device I am tempted to use in a story, but don't want to slide into non-canon fanfic, is that 'Drake' is Section 31's equivalent of a Vorta... He certainly seems to be in multiple places at once (could be explained by a personal holo screen) but it does make me wonder... If he was to be killed, if a 'new Drake' would simply take his place, like the Weyoun
Hmm...interesting possibility!
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