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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
A device I am tempted to use in a story, but don't want to slide into non-canon fanfic, is that 'Drake' is Section 31's equivalent of a Vorta... He certainly seems to be in multiple places at once (could be explained by a personal holo screen) but it does make me wonder... If he was to be killed, if a 'new Drake' would simply take his place, like the Weyoun
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
one speculation that might work, is if 'Frank Drake' is more of an office than a Man, like 007.

Another might be that "Frank Drake" is really a self-aware AI that uses some forbidden tech to make a 'body' for wherever he needs one. sort of using the consciousness-transfer tech from TOS (I forget the episode) to 'upload' a new "Frank Drake" as needed, and download experiences to the main hub.
Spoiler alert, but, I'm going to be going somewhere with that idea down "The Road..."