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05-09-2013, 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by augustofvh View Post
They could use the system system they use in Karrat (something like that), where you gain better reward as you participate. I go there sometimes to farm dilithium for my klingon character and once the klingon team complete the objectives I just see a message announcing it and don't get any gear at all. (Since i didn't help, it's fair)
You meant like instead of 10 Omega Marks/480 (or is it 940?) Dil for completion, something like 1 OM/50 Dil for each Battle Group, 2 OM/80 Dil for achieving all four battle groups, then 4 Omega Marks/200 Dil for defeating the Unimatrix vessel?

Yeah, I think I could live with something like that...