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Section 2 - Articles of Community (Fleet Law)
Common principles for all players in fleets.

~ 2.1 -
All fleetmembers should treat their associates with respect, mindful there is a real person on the other end of the computer screen.
~ 2.2 -
Though the fleet player is primarily responsible for their game character's welfare, they should be freely provided with aid and support should they request.
~ 2.3 -
No fleet leader in a multi-leader fleet should change fleet settings, including forum, logo, bank and rank settings, without prior consultation and approval of fellow leaders, unless that leader is primarily in charge.
~ 2.4 -
Fleet recruiters, especially in already large and established fleets, should not overzealously pursue players or engage in disruptive recruitment practices such as spam recruiting.
~ 2.5 -
New fleetmembers should be given a minimum 1 week trial period to assess their harmony and comfortability with the fleet before advanced rank adjustment.
~ 2.6 -
Fleet exclusion or kicking should be an option of last resort, implemented only upon Leader or responsible administrator approval, for provable actions that are notably hurtful.
~ 2.7 -
Players should not join a fleet to engage in any action undermining that fleet's stability, such as befriending members to leave for their own fleet, otherwise known as fleet luring.
~ 2.8 -
A player should not intentionally use a fleet for game financial advancement, such as by tricking leaders into granting a rank of responsability, then using that rank for a hostile takeover.
~ 2.9 -
Fleets should not engage in collective disruptive behavior towards other fleets or players, such as deliberate stalking, trolling, griefing or any other form of harassment.
~ 2.10 -
Inter-fleet disputes should be settled peacefully upon a negotiated settlement or by choice of game combat.